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Estate Planning

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Protecting yourself and your loved ones begins with having a Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive. These documents are critical in this day and age, especially with our current health care pandemic and our unknown and foreseeable future. Regardless of your age, marriage status or financial condition, protecting yourself and your family are preeminently necessary.

Last Will & Testament is a document that becomes effective upon your death, and which tells the world, your wishes regarding the deamination of your assets upon your death. Types of things to consider is, who will be your Executrix/Executor, and who specifically receives any portion of your estate.

Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that allows an individual to name one or more individuals, referred to as “Attorney In fact” to manage their estate while still alive. The types of items someone may manage are your finances or your entire asset portfolio. In some cases, an individual names his/her Attorney in Fact, for one or more specified acts, such as appearing on behalf of an owner to sign a deed, mortgage or even a contractual agreement.

Health Care Directive is used by an individual to name a trusted individual as their Health Care Representative to make health care decisions, in the event they are unable to knowingly make those decisions. The document additionally outlines the types and extent of medical care and medical that is allowed to be performed on the individual.

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