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Are you in debt?

Jose Silva Jr Attorney - Are You In Debt?

Consumer debt has escalated, and individuals have encountered difficulty in keeping current with their expenses. Many individuals who file bankruptcy are constantly harassed by creditors and unfortunately, because of their financial predicament, feed their family instead of paying rent, credit card expenses, or other expenses.

Chapter 7 allows you to erase almost all consumer debt, such as credit card and other expenses while Chapter 13, permits individuals to pay their debt in a period between thirty-six (36) and sixty (60) months.

Some fear that filing for bankruptcy may result in losing their home or other hard worked assets. Bankruptcy law protects certain assets if those assets are within the exemption value permitted by bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy was created to help individuals start fresh, without having to worry about consumer debt incurred, many times, because of life circumstances, such as losing employment or incurring health care expenses, due to severe illness.

Don’t wait until a creditor attempts to take money from your paycheck or bank account. Bankruptcy protection was created for someone seeking help.


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